Effects Of Recent Weather On Denver Roofs
Posted by roofrepairweb, 05/08/2018 6:47 am

Colorado is known for having some pretty dramatic weather. After a warm spell, the temperature can drop down close to freezing, and late spring can be the worst time for wind and hail storms. Recently, residents of Denver have experienced a lot of damage to their homes from heavy winds.

Roof Damage From Recent Wind Storms

The weather in Denver this spring has brought heavy winds, hail, and plenty of rain. In April, an especially destructive wind storm hit Colorado's Front Range, causing wind speeds of 50 to 70 miles an hour. The storm caused extensive wind damage denver to roofs, scattering shingles and, in some cases, even tearing off roofs completely. One of the memorable images from the news shows a metal apartment roof lying in the middle of the road. Other photos show whole trees and large branches that were blown onto the tops of houses.

Roof Damage Due To Hail

Hail storms are especially bad in the spring, and Denver has already seen some hail this spring. The recent storm brings back memories of an even more severe storm a year ago that cost $1.4 billion of damage to property throughout the city. That storm brought hail the size of golf balls and even baseballs. While this year's storm isn't quite as serious, residents can still expect to see Hail Damage to Shingles on their roofs. When hail hits an asphalt shingle, it can loosen and dislodge the granules, which play an important role in protecting the roof. When shingles are damaged, they usually need to be replaced.

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Getting A Professional Evaluation

After a heavy wind or hail storm, homeowners and business owners should consider having their roof examined by a professional. Sometimes, hail and wind damage aren't obvious. For example, dents in shingles may not show up except under close inspection, but these dents can seriously compromise the effectiveness of the shingle. On the other hand, other types of damage can look like hail damage from a distance. Normal aging causes shingles to lose granules and develop algae spots that can look like dents. Before filing a claim with the insurance company, homeowners should have a professional determine the true cause of the damage.

Protecting The Roof

Regardless of the cause of damage, roof repair is important and should never be postponed. Roof damage denver can lead to leaks, and the moisture can cause the decking to degrade. Small problems can turn into severe problems in a very short time. Denver residents should always be prepared for the next storm.

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